• According to Gartner, new technology with the potential to be exponential usually follows a predictable cycle: Early innovation, then a peak of inflated expectations, then a period of disillusionment, followed by a steady rise to ubiquity and profitability.
  • For instance, Gartner is pointing to autonomous vehicles as a technology at the peak of hype. But that doesn't mean that autonomous vehicles won't change the world -- they will, but it might take 5 to 10 years to be commercially viable. From the study: "While autonomous vehicles are still embryonic, this movement still represents a significant advancement, with all major automotive companies putting autonomous vehicles on their near-term roadmaps.
  • Gartner believes that certain autonomous technologies hold the potential to cause a sea change in business models, including: "Autonomous Vehicles, Bioacoustic Sensing, Biochips, Brain-Computer Interface, Digital Dexterity, Human Augmentation, Machine Learning, Neurobusiness, People-Literate Technology, Quantum Computing, Smart Advisors, Smart Dust, Smart Robots, Virtual Personal Assistants, Virtual Reality, and Volumetric and Holographic Displays."

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