Transhumanism Is the Next Step in Human Evolution

Your descendants might all be cyborgs.

March 16, 2017

AI Can Likely Already Do Your Job Better Than You Can

The Age of Automation isn’t some distant future.

March 15, 2017

Blockchain Will Change Far More Than How Your Money Is Managed

Everything from politics to privacy will be revolutionized by this super-secure tech.

March 9, 2017

Augmented Reality Is Bringing The Internet To Life

Soon, you won’t just surf the web, you’ll live in it.

February 24, 2017

Humans Can Now “Print” Genetic Code and Engineer Life

With these new genetic sequences, we can create life never before possible.

February 13, 2017

The Age of AI: What You Need to Know to Prepare for Synthetic Intelligence

AI is poised to be the greatest invention ever.

January 31, 2017

It’s Nearly Possible to “Shut off” Parkinson’s with a Flick of a Switch

Brain bionics could save lives and transform the future of humanity.

January 24, 2017

Expert: The Latest Parkinson’s Disease Therapies Will Affect Us All

Treatments for Parkinson's disease have far-reaching applications.

January 4, 2017
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