Image Credit: G. Fritz Benedict, Andrew Howell, Inger Jorgensen, David Chapell (University of Texas), Jeffery Kenney (Yale University), and Beverly J. Smith (CASA, University of Colorado), and NASA

This little lovely image focuses on NGC 4314 - a barred spiral galaxy (similar to ours) that is located more than 40 million light-years from Earth in the constellation of Coma Berenices.

The most notable thing about this galaxy is its central region - the area in which we call a circumnuclear starburst ring. This stellar ring extends about 1,000 light-years in radius and kind of looks like a spiral galaxy wrapped in another spiral galaxy. (Our central region is very inactive comparably)

Unfortunately, the expansion of the universe is carrying NGC 431 away from our galaxy at approximately 963 km per second. Eventually - way, wayyyy down the line - the galaxy may disappear from view forever.


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