Credit: Image courtesy of University of Southern Denmark

During the fall, hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions, of people will flock to mazes all around the world. While some are easier to complete than others, one can't deny that successfully finding your way out of one requires reason and navigational skills, perhaps even intuition.. All of these things only apply to living things.. Or do they?

Maybe not. Earlier this year, biologists announced that they were successful in getting drops of alcohol to navigate through a maze. Alcohol certainly doesn't have a brain. so how is this even possible? Well, There's nothing mystical about it.. it's just simple chemistry.

From the researchers:

The team stresses that their technique could have broad biological implications. Namely, it could potentially be used to ferry medicine to certain places in the human body. It could serve as a type of lubrication, or used to "move flavor through food."

On a final note, the researcher, Martin Hanczyc, previously suggested that oil droplets like this could provide us with a "simple chemical predecessor to biological life."

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