• Exfoliation is still regarded as the way to produce graphene with the lowest number of defects and highest electron mobility. But the costs are enormous: a flake the size of a hair made in this way costs more than €1,000
  • Zhu has demonstrated millimeter-sized graphene crystals made by chemical vapour deposition of methane on a copper sheet. He leads of low-pressure mix of hydrogen, methane and argon over a copper sheet at a temperature of 1,000 degree celsius. The copper acts as a catalyst in stripping the hydrogen from the methane, leaving pure carbon that sticks to the surface.
  • Other parties need ten hours to produce graphene by deposition. Zhu, however, has brought back the production time to about one hour by splitting the quartz tube in which the deposition takes place from the oven that surrounds it. After deposition, he simply slides the furnace away to speed up cooling. They expect to reduce the price by a factor of thousand to about €1 per piece in a few years.

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