• The Guardian has revealed that Apple is actively scouting locations for testing self-driving cars near its Cupertino headquarters. That would strongly suggest the company is moving forward with a rumored plan to make cars — possibly in search of continued growth as its traditional (and ridiculously successful) businesses level out.
  • Apple plans to test out its self-driving car at GoMentum Station, a 2,100-acre area near San Francisco that used to be known as the Concord Naval Weapons Station during World War II. It has since been converted into a high security private testing ground for the cars of the future, which use connected vehicle (CV) and autonomous vehicle (AV) technologies.
  • The move comes as Google, Uber and other tech companies are pouring cash into robot cars. Apple chief executive Tim Cook has held a series of meetings with car executives in recent months and the company has poached automotive experts from established players, including the head of Mercedes Benz’s Silicon Valley research arm.

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