Star Trails Over Green Lake (Image Credit: Dan Barr)

When we look up and see the light from distant stars, they look stationary despite the fact that our galaxy—and everything in it, including Earth—never sits still. The best reminder that the universe and its occupants remain forever in motion is through a well-known photography technique called 'long-exposure.'

By leaving the shutter open during an exposure, the lens of a camera can pick up many things that aren't perceptible to the human eye—like the path light takes as it moves across the sky. In this context, we see the movements of objects located trillions of miles away from Earth—so far away and zooming through space at such high speeds, they are nearly indistinguishable to us—as Earth rotates on its axis.

This image, taken by Dan Barr, shows star trails in conjunction with Green Lake. It put Barr in the running for the 'astronomy photographer of the year' contest, which will be announced in September. Other entries can be seen below. You can learn more by clicking on each image in the slideshow. (See a larger version of this image here)

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