Image Credit: Mike Taylor

This intriguing image was taken by Mike at Taylor Photography. Notably, the amazing color seen in the stars wasn't achieved by photoshop manipulation; instead, it’s a handy photography trick. In an attempt to capture as much color from the stars as possible, Mike took 30 second exposures every 35 seconds with a very low ISO of 500. All together, this image is composed of two image stacks, one stack of 28 images and the other stack of 36.

Unfortunately, plane traffic required Mike to discard about 36 frames.

The glow you see in the bottom right-hand corner is light pollution coming from Bangor, Maine (USA). From this particular location, Bangor is about 30-miles away. Mike is facing towards the North in this picture.

As for putting the images together, Mike says,

“The trails fade out via opacity layering in Photoshop - there are scripts and actions you can buy that will do this for you; I did it manually. The bright colored star glows were added via 2 layers of Star Spikes. The 45 degree star burst “lines” coming from some of the stars is another layer of Star spikes with different settings. Finally the blurring at the bottom was done with the Motion Blur tool in Photoshop.”

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