Curiosity rover decided to take a page out of Cassini's book, when it captured an image of the moons of Mars from its vantage point on the Red Planet. Here is the raw result of its endeavor:

Image credit: NASA / JPL / MSSS

The image (scrounged up by Emily Lakdawalla of the Planetary Society), clearly shows both of the  Martian moons. The larger moon on the left is Phobos, whilst the smaller moon on the right is Deimos. Both merely look like distorted potato blobs here (this effect is confounded by the fact that both are in half phase), and are remarkably small. These things make this newly-discovered image all-the-more impressive.

The shape of the moons has led to lots of speculation about the origin of both. It could be that at one point, the moons were asteroids that were caught by the gravitational pull of Mars.

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