Image Credit; Stephane Guisard/UNAM/INAH

Happy (almost) first day of the weekend! In honor of this spectacular event, we bring to you the constellation of Orion as it majestically hoovers over El Castillo.

Orion is host to a wide variety of objects found at various distances from Earth. Most notably, the constellation is home to the Great Orion Nebula — a brilliant nebula found within the asterism of Orion’s Sword. It's also home to the Trapezium cluster, the Horsehead nebula, Barnard's Loop and the Flame nebula.

El Castillo, also known as the Temple of Kukulkan, is the central pyramid at Chichen Itza. The Mayan’s had an incredibly keen eye for astronomy and a love of mathematics. They built structures that lined up with different astronomical events, which allowed them to keep rather precise time.

This paved the way for the invention of some of the most complicated calendars ever created – none of which predicted when the world will end. Nor did they know the temple would make such a moving backdrop for an image taken thousands of years after construction ended.

See a larger image here.

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