Image Credit: NASA, ESA, STScI, WikiSky

Located in the southern constellation of Puppis, this celestial region is chock-full of stars that come together to form a uniquely beautiful cosmic starscape, known as NGC 2467 (though some websites call it the “Skull and Crossbones” nebula).

Within NGC 2467 is Haffner 18, an open cluster. We also have the Haffner 19 cluster and a massive star  - tentatively dubbed "HD 6315." This star is only one of hundreds of large stars that call the area "home," but it (and it alone )is largely responsible for the carved-out shape of the nebula. Outbursts from the young and active star (solar flares, CMEs and the like) beam huge quantities of ultraviolet radiation into the ionized hydrogen atoms that comprise these intricate clouds of interstellar material.

Also pictured here are dark dust lanes and dark globules; regions where dense grains of interstellar dust obscure the star-formation  activity going on behind them.

See a larger image here.


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