Image Credit: Frédéric Burgeot

This is the Ring Nebula as you've never seen it before (you can count on that). This magnificent image is in its own separate group, as it wasn't captured by the Hubble Space Telescope or the VLT, but instead it was DRAWN by Frederic Burgeot.

This Ring Nebula, also called M57, can be found about 2,000 light year away in the constellation Lyra. It is a planetary nebula that extends more than a full light-year across. This type of nebula is formed when a sun-like star dies and begins to expel its outer layer of gases off into space.

His drawing was undertaken with the aid of a 40-inch reflecting telescope, 800x magnification, and near-perfect viewing conditions.

See a larger image here. Or check out his incredible rendering of Jupiter's storms.

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