Image Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA

This fascinating island universe is known as ESO 498-G5, a spiral galaxy situated approximately 100 million light-years from Earth in the little-known constellation of Pyxis (the Compass).

It might look like pretty much every other spiral galaxy known to man, but it, in fact, is different from its counterparts. Astronomers sometimes say it's a spiral-within-a-spiral. This effect is brought on by the galaxy's unusual spiral arms, which are described as "winding all the way into the center," subsequently resulting in the galaxy's core formulating a smaller spiral structure (indeed, a spiral within a spiral) Additionally, astronomers note that "this sort of structure is in contrast to the elliptical star-filled centers (or bulges) of many other spiral galaxies, which instead appear as glowing masses."

See a larger image here.

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