Siding Spring pictured on its journey toward Mars (Image Credit: Damian Peach)

Recently, what seems like the entire world (at least those of us who have access to the internet) has been abuzz about a landmark event that took place this weekend on the Red Planet. From the vantage point of about half a dozen ground-based and orbiting satellites, astronomers watched as C/2013 A1 (more commonly known as comet 'Siding Spring') made a close approach toward Mars.

From our original news story:

Now that the approach has come and passed, surely we'll start to see some great amateur and professional photographs coming in. Until then, this image, taken by Rolando Ligustri, shows Siding Spring as it appeared on August 29, 2014, when it passed between the Small Magellanic Cloud and a globular cluster (dubbed NGC 130).

Siding Spring (center) with the Small Magellanic Cloud (left) and NGC 130 (Image Credit: Rolando Ligustri)  (See a larger image here)

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