Image Credit: NASA & ESA

This captivating image, which was taken using Hubble's "Advanced Camera for Surveys" (ACS), contains one of the most picturesque galaxies in existence -- aptly nicknamed "Pandora's Galaxy."

The galaxy, formally known as NGC 4522, is located some 60 million light-years from Earth in the constellation of Virgo. It may not appear this way based on the image alone, but the galaxy is actually one of the most vivacious galaxies yet known of. Mostly due to ram pressure, a phenomenon responsible for exerting an intense level of pressure on the galaxy, causing it, in turn, to lose a large quantity of its gas content, stripped away by strong winds that pierce the galaxy.

The winds noted in NGC 4522 are traveling at the staggering speed of more than six million miles (10 million kilometers) an hour.

You can download a larger image here.

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