While those of us in the northern hemisphere are in the midst of winter, that cold and dreary time of year, our friends on the bottom of the world are enjoying the summer months. This picture is a little photographic evidence of that summer bliss as seen in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Here, we see the streak of the international space station in the morning glow over the course of its 5-minute journey across the sky. The dust lane of the Milky Way majestically stretches across the image, framing the pinkish glow of the Carina Nebula. Below the Carina Nebula, we can see the Southern Cross as well as the dark Coal Sack nebula. Of course, adding to the picturesque nature of this image, we have the Large Magellanic Cloud near the top center, as well as the Small Magellanic Cloud down and to the right. Both of those objects are satellites of the Milky Way and are about 200,000 light-years from Earth. Crowning the top of the image is the Alpha star of the Carina constellation, the second brightest star in the Night Sky.

 See a larger image here.

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