Smart Reply

Most devices today offer a set of built-in responses you can choose from when replying to someone, such as “Sorry. I’m in a meeting." Google intends to take that a step further by having an AI compose the response for your emails based on the content within. Google claims it has built an AI that can read incoming emails, understand them, and generate a short, appropriate response that the recipient can then edit or send with just a click. The feature is called Smart Reply. It’s a neural network built by Google’s engineers that plans to launch this week. Not only will it be convenient for people on-the-go, but it also shows how far Google has come with its deep learning efforts.

Google and AI

Google, like many other tech companies, has been investing heavily in AI in the past few years. In this instance, Google combined several systems to construct a neural network that can that can analyze your emails and then generate three different responses you can edit or choose from. To do this, it uses the type of neural networks found in natural language processing to understand what a person means to generate a reply. Then when a consumer interacts with Smart Reply they are ultimately providing data that will feed back into the development of the neural network to improve its performance.

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