• There's no FAA for drones at the moment. Several big companies including Amazon are looking to create a system that would ensure that as drones become more common there's no airspace issues. Under Amazon's plan, autonomous drones would not only need to be able to talk to each other but also would need to be able to avoid collisions with flying objects like birds.
  • The heart of Amazon's proposal: airspace between 200ft and 400ft are reserved for drones that can communicate with some sort of ground control. Most of these drones will be autonomous. The space would serve as a sort of access road or highway for drones.
  • Airspace under 200ft will be reserved for consumer-type drones used for purposes like shooting video. The airspace between 400ft and 500ft could serve as a buffer between drones and planes. Amazon would probably make heavy use of the "drone highway" for its package delivery experiment.

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