As quantum physics shows us, microscopically-speaking, everything we think we know about how objects behave is incorrect. These principles are clearly demonstrated with diffraction and refraction, which deal with the bending of waves.

They can easily be seen in something as simple as a glass of water. For instance, when you stick your straw in a glass of water, you might notice that the straw looks bent or broken near the middle. Yet when you examine it, you see that it has no such defect, that is, until you put it back in the glass. and it magically reappears. That, my friends, is an example of refraction; when rays of light travel through the glass of water from the air, they are bent

In fact,, the straw appears normal from above, but below — where the straw appears broken — the direction of light has changed. It can get kind of tricky.

WATCH: "Amazing Water Trick"

As the video's author explains:

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