Image via NASA/Goddard/Arizona State

It’s comforting to look up at the night sky. The bright stars seem like old familiar friends…the pockmarked Moon is like a steady and unchanging ally.In this amazing image, we see our tiny planet in the midst of the inky blackness of space. On February first, NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter captured the image with its wide-angle camera. This view of our planet shows the Earth as it rises above the 112-mile-wide (180 kilometers) Rozhdestvenskiy crater. The image has been colorized, meaning that, in the image, the Earth is a color composite of several frames that have been optimized for the colors blue, green, and red. Ultimately, these colors match what the human eye detects, so the colors are true to what a person might see if they were standing on the Moon and gazing off into space.

It is a fantastic sight, but not terribly uncommon. On the Moon, there are 12 such Earth rises imaged each day.

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