The Breakthrough

US-based company ParkPlus has brought their Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) to Abu Dhabi for a massive high-tech parking project in one of its most congested areas. The AGV technology, which was originally intended for transporting heavy loads in factories, has helped bring the amount of parking spaces up to 110 from the original 42. A driver will simply leave their car in the loading bay, and one of the AGVs will park it for them.

The Implications

ParkPlus bought the technology to Abu Dhabi for the purpose of expansion in the region. Managing Director for the Middle East Cyrus Hodes says that there won't be any accidents since the robots are designed to accurately park the cars. The company is also working closely with Abu Dhabi authorities to help alleviate the parking space problem of the country, and both parties hope that this puts them on the right track.

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