Since it went into orbit, piggybacking on the Discovery Space shuttle in the spring of 1990, the Hubble Space Telescope has revolutionized nearly everything that we know about our universe. Ultimately, Hubble has taken millions of images that allow us to see the cosmos in ways that previous people could only dream about. There are photos of stars being born in stellar nurseries, images of hypergiants dying in massive explosions, and views of distant galaxies that allow us to estimate the precise age of the universe.

Hubble has presented us with information about a vast assortment of cosmological events; however, perhaps its greatest feat is giving us an opportunity to glimpse, not just the objects in our stellar neighborhood, but the objects in the most distant reaches of the cosmos.

In the end, Hubble may allow us to see strange and wondrous structures, but it is important to remember that, ultimately, its really just showing us home.

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