• The tech is from Transmedics, a Massachusetts-based company. The $250,000 device hasn't been approved in the United States, but there are at least 15 cases in the United Kingdom and Australia where a patient has successfully received a heart that used the technology .
  • One case in the UK last year described pulling a heart from a deceased patient less than two minutes after it stopped beating. After being hooked up to the heart in a box, it started beating again within 20 minutes.
  • Previously, heart surgeons have required transplants to come from brain-dead donors. But this new way to ship organs while keeping them warm and functioning could greatly expand the number of hearts available to patients who need them. Some believe it could expand the total heart supply by a third. But it also raises ethical issues related to whether the organ donors are actually dead. About 2400 heart transplants occur in the United States annually.

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