• The agency’s total budget request for space-related activities is about $126 million for fiscal year 2016. Despite the new starts, that is about $53 million less than the agency received from lawmakers in 2015 and about $43 million less than the agency expected to spend on space programs a year ago.
  • DARPA is seeking $29 million next year for the ALASA program, which is intended to field a system to launch satellites weighing as many as 45 kilograms for $1 million each. Although that request is down from the $60 million sought in 2015, DARPA has scheduled as many as a dozen flights next year of the ALASA system.
  • Another of DARPA’s most interesting programs is called "Optical Aperture Self-assembly in Space", or OASIS, which calls for constructing large optical apertures from smaller, modular components that have self-organized in orbit.

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