• In its usual 2D form, the material assume the hexagonal structure of normal grapehne, but the team wanted to investigate how its natural heat conduction properties could be exploited in 3D arrangements. Computer simulations demonstrated that 3-D structures of White Grapehene powered by nitride nanotubes could dissipate heat in all directions.
  • “Given the insulating properties of boron nitride, they can enable and complement the creation of 3D, graphene-based nanoelectronics. This type of 3D thermal-management system can open up opportunities for thermal switches, or thermal rectifiers, where the heat flowing in one direction can be different than the reverse direction,” Rouzbeh Shahsavari, who led the research, explained.
  • According to scientists, graphene is already viewed as “miracle material” that may replace silicon as the foundation of electronics, because of its electrical conductive capabilities. Now with White graphene variety, they could generate machines that can work overtime without overheating.

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