Our universe is simply stunning. If given the chance to set out on a spaceship and explore it, most of us wouldn’t think twice. There are colorful nebulae, galaxies with billions upon billions of stars, trillions of planets, comets, asteroids, fantastic supernovae, and plenty of other celestial bodies out there—all just waiting to be discovered.

If you are an aspiring astronaut or astronomer, you should know that it's going to be a long and arduous journey. You’ll definitely need some inspiration to keep you motivated. If you aren’t entering into either of those fields, it still doesn't hurt to add a bit of wonder to your life. Here are some awesome images that you can use as wallpapers to keep you going.

*Note: Click the image to go to the source and download a full size image. Hover over to pause. Click right and left to advance or go back. 

Amazing Astronomy Images:


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