The human mind is an amazingly complex machine. It allows us to see and understand the world around us, evolving over the course of millions of years to become one of the most powerful and efficient devices known to man. And with around 100 billion neurons, it is amazingly difficult to figure out how all of it fits together. There are psychologists and psychiatrists and neurosurgeons all working around the clock trying to determine exactly what makes the human mind tick. But despite all of these experts, and after thousands of years of studying the human mind, there is still a lot left to uncover.

On top of all of the mysterious unknowns related to how and why the brain functions in the way that it does, there are a number of myths surrounding the human mind. This is understandable, as people frequently try and simplify complex things (like the brain) in order to make them more understandable. This may sometimes result in things being a bit over simplified and facts getting a little misconstrued. A lot of these myths have developed over time to become an accepted belief that a majority of humans have about the brain. And unfortunately, many of these things are just flat-out wrong.

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